Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

For the first year ever that I can remember my dad bought a fake tree!!!! We just couldn't believe it. And it was so tall he couldn't get a topper on it! ;)

Here is little Deez in her Christmas sweater that Haven got her. This is her favorite spot - the back of the chair.

Miss Haven ready for dinner. We enjoyed a yummy Korean dinner for Christmas....Bool Go Gi!!

This was awesome! My sister Wendy likes to call and TEXT a lot. So since everyone was eating and Wendy wanted to talk we all passed the phone around. Everyone (I mean EVERYONE) did their 2 minutes of phone time with Wendy.

Another passing of the phone! I don't see anyone running to the phone and my dad looks terrified to get it! ha ha ha...sorry Weeliz...we love you! Merry Christmas!

My dad playing the part of Santa!

Haven starting on her gifts. If you've seen Haven open gifts in a Christmas setting it's so funny. She is very particular about how she opens them. The other kids rip them open and tear it all apart. Haven tries her hardest to keep it nice and neat and open it along the seams. Sometimes gifts can take a few hours to open for her because she is sooooooo slow!

The best part was little Mikey at the end saying this was the best Christmas ever! He had such a glow in his eyes.

Uggg...Daddy showing his boy how to shoot a nerf gun! Everyone was in trouble. He can shoot it but doesn't aim very well!

My sister Dusty and her boy Mikey.

My little Angel! This was her new Christmas outfit!

Santa visits and leaves stuff in the stocking for her and Nikki.

We even left home made Candy out for Santa. See below for her candy making skills!

Nikki opens her own presents. We were teaching her to tear open wrapping paper a few days before so she would be ready and she was.

We hope everyone had a Merry Merry Christmas! Bring on 2010! To see more photos from Christmas check out Haven's FLICKR site!

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