Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bluetooth Haven

So when Grandpa Beard-Off (dad's dad) sent him a bluetooth headset for his phone for his birthday I never thought Haven would steal it!

She probably called Gpa B-off and Gma Sing 5 times that night I think. Asking them about the weiner dog (Brown dog or Kerri - she had many names). This phone call was to her friend and long time pen pal - Shirley Anderson. She is one of Gma/Gpa's friends that has stayed in constant contact with Haven the entire 2 years she has been at Hopkins. Shirley sends her at least one craft project to do each month and this last time sent her a cute letter to Nikki from her cat - and it was written from the cat's point of view! :)

I think she really just wanted to use the bluetooth. She told me she was cooler than me because she knows how to use it and I don't!

So - Haven says thanks for her present! She gave dad a barbie doll ---- which she later took back and added to her collection!

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