Sunday, February 16, 2014

Shanghai January 2014

I've never been able to visit Shanghai or Hong Kong during Chinese New Year.  So this visit was amazing to see all of the decorations and how they prepare.

My co-factory worker was able to take me out to the mall one night.  HUGE MALL. Man was it big.  I think it was 4 floors.  The malls in Shanghai and Hong Kong are very elaborate.

Well…except I'm not sure what this store was selling

Then we were able to go to a museum about the evolution of the Communist Party of China.  It was very very interesting to see and read all about it.  

These were the only two pictures we were allowed to take.  

Outside the town everything is decorated - ready for CNY

Just different floats around the city

Above the doors

In front of the Tea House

The Year of the Horse for 2014

Not sure how Snow White fits in to all this but she was the only Disney princess

A float about love

Most beautiful tea house I've ever been in

Honestly looked like a Hobbit house…I would love a house like this

Our tea…..with Robin bird eggs

Probably my most fave hotel.  I try to find one or two in each city so I know what to book when I come back for each visit.  Salvo Hotel is amazing.  Great pricing.  Sooooo close to the factory.  Love it.

Looking down from the hotel.  This building had a garden on the top of it.

This one had a tennis court on the top

I really love Shanghai.  

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