Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bangladesh January 2014

Immediately after the holidays I shipped off to Bangladesh, Shanghai, and Hong Kong again for the first few weeks of the year.  Leaving the hubby and babies alone.  I rescheduled all of Haven's appointments around my trip and even had to schedule Weston's surgery immediately following my return.

This trip was a bit stressful.  Due to Bangladesh holidays and such I had to reschedule them to the front of my trip instead of the end.  This caused me to have to start the trip with 6 flights and 40 hours of flying/airports and no hotel or shower!  It was a very very long trip.

We went straight to the factory after I arrived.  On the second day of the factory visit we went into lockdown due to riots and protests.  People had been shot and people were making homemade bombs and throwing them at cars.  It was pretty crazy.  Not what I'm used to in Hong Kong or China.

Thought I'd share a few photos.   You can always click on the pictures to see a bigger photo.

The beginning of a two week trip is a daunting thought……I have traveled overseas for two week periods on three different occasions since October.  My only hope is the chance to watch new movies……by the third trip I had seen everything!

This is along the route to the factory. Due to so many protests and riots we are still taking ambulances and boats while under police guard.  This is just a "community" I guess you would say.

I had never driven by this factory before.  These are factory workers heading in to a shoe factory.  The factory looked very very nice.

There are just thousands of people walking from everywhere to come to work.

I am actually amazed at them.  And all in flip flops!

Bangladesh Navy….slightly different than the US Navy

Not exactly on guard and read to go at a moments notice

 If I could only do this I could get so much done!

One of the cabby rides around town.

This guy was selling his eggs along the side of the road

I'm not sure what he was selling but I'm pretty sure the lady didn't like the smell!

Another little taxi cab.  The Tuk Tuk

This is always parked in the same spot when I visit.  It's near the boat docking area.

This was the view out of my window at the dorm this time.  I was only able to stay at the dorm on the first night.  Looks like they have a little garden growing there.

Another look out my window at a little lake out back.

Prior to getting on the boat we have to take a little 4WD adventure to the boats.  This helps to get us around all the protestors.  

South Korean flag because the owners of the factory are from South Korea and the Bangladesh flag as this is the people and country we are in.  Done with rocks.   

Due to the protests we had to stay in the shoe factory side.  So of the factory people had to stay there with me as it was unsafe to go back to our dorms.  Yes all of my bags were at the dorm!  Everyone stayed up playing poker.  I watch CNN and Bridgegate happen.  

Bed in the conference room at the factory.

Yep - everyone needs a little Doreo!

Beautiful early morning photos from the boat.  

Again the people just amaze me.  I wouldn't be standing on that thing for anything.

Sunrise photo I took while on our way to the factory.

A little bit of downtown-ness

Streets were busy on my way back to the airport - but the factories close down on Friday's so you can expect that everyone would be out.

Street side vendors and some cows!

Definitely an exhausting trip and most of my element.

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