Monday, February 17, 2014

Hong Kong January 2014

My trip to Hong Kong usually includes Japan.  I love this scheduled flight because it's the 787 Dreamliner!  If you have a chance to fly on this plane - take it!!!!  I generally love the stop over in Japan but this time we had a 1 1/2 hour wait for security……HORRIBLE!!!!

I did get to do some shopping while in Japan……had to pick this dude up for the hubby.

While my first stop over in HK was supposed to be for one night at a hotel and then off to Bangladesh it ended up being a sleepover at the airport.  My flight out of Japan was so delayed that they no longer had shuttles or anything to get to my hotel.  Since I had to be back at the airport in 6 hours I decided to stay and work.  At least until my computer died and then I found a nice metal seat to take a nap on!

The airport was decorated so cute.  As it usually is. 

Swarovski Christmas Tree

Cute little reindeer and tree

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