Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pulmonary follow up

 Last week I took Haven back to Pulmonary for her follow up after being in the hospital for the week.

The doctor didn't like her being on the full face mask so we tested out a bunch of masks.

She definitely didn't like the nasal pillows and ultimately went with the first one pictured above.  I'm not   too sure how much I like the nasal mask.  Haven is a crazy sleep walker.  She is constantly screaming in her sleep and breathes through her mouth.  So having just a nasal mask concerns me.  But we will try it out.  

We also ordered her a chin strap which is to help keep her mouth closed when she is sleeping.  We also have her pulse ox machine set up and have ordered new probes to keep watch on that while sleeping.  Kris got me some baby monitors so I would stop wandering the halls at night and can listen to her at the side of my bed.  So now I can wake up and check the pulse through the baby monitor.  Very nice.

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