Thursday, February 20, 2014

C-pap and Home Oxygen

Haven is now required to use a C-pap and oxygen at home.  So that day that we were discharged from the hospital we met with a respiratory therapist at the house.  He was able to train both of us on these machines.  Haven learns very fast and knows all of the controls now.

We were able to set up her room really nicely with all of the machines.  The big blue box is her oxygen.  This hooks up in to the silver machine which is her C-pap machine.  That has the mask which goes over her face so she can breathe at night.  Then she has the third machine which is her pulse ox machine to monitor her oxygen levels and heart rate.  This sounds of the alarms through the house if she desats.  

So far she is doing very well with it all considering it was a very fast transition.  Mom and dad - not so well.

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