Sunday, November 10, 2013

Shanghai China trip October 2013

I've seen the buildings in Shanghai in TV many times…but to see them in real life is amazing.

Everything is so different from the next building.

This tower amazed me.  Made me feel like I was in Epcot or something.

The Hyundai building is such a beautiful color of blue.

Looking down the pier

The other side of the pier is older buildings from different ages of China.

Peace Hotel - Nixon stayed in

War Memorial to the Veterans

The construction and art details are amazing at the war memorial


We went walking around the area and this is a beautiful covered seating area

Cheeseburger steak -- what more could I ask for. 

Cute little crab cakes.  If I ate crab it would be better but these were so cute.

Mayor of Shanghai

Went shopping in Temple Square

Tea House - can't even explain how beautiful these buildings are

 The Temple

 View at night from the hotel.  I stayed at the Galaxy Hotel.  I really liked it and the price was amazing. I will definitely stay here from now on in Shanghai.

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