Sunday, November 10, 2013

Growth Hormone Update

I have been working crazy so I haven't updated her site in a long time.

Haven was approved for growth hormone treatments due to not having any growth hormone at all.  She began those October 5th.  I was in China when she was approved and once I got back we went in to train on how to give her the shots.

She gets a shot every day of the medication.  She has now been on the medication for over a month.  I am currently Bangladesh and once I return she will go back in to Endocrine to see if there is anything else we need to do and her medication will probably be increased as she is on a low dose right now to get her body used to it.

So far Haven is doing extremely well with the injections.  She picks the location to get the shot and has had no issues.  Once I get home I will post some photos of her getting the treatments.  We are very proud of her.

Insurance on the other hand does not like paying for much of this medication!  The medicine costs $400 a month.  Haven's grandparents paid for her first month of medication along with a couple hundred dollars in co-pays to the doctors.  We still have the $900 bill to pay but that is on the back burner for right now with everything else she has going on.  The hospital will just have to wait.

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