Sunday, November 10, 2013

Halloween 2013

Grandma flew out to visit us for Halloween.  This is their ghost tree they worked on all day.

 As you can see - Weston wanted to help out

 He loved the ghosts so much his kisses wiped their faces off!  Haven had to go out a draw them back on.

My Rohnin - dressed as Nemo.  So cute

 Weston was a dragon.  He mostly ate his candy while walking with Daddy.

Miss Haven created her costume when Grandpa was visiting from St. George.  She because the cutest gypsy ever!  No one ever wants to be scary!

This guy had a cool house.  Very decorated in these parts.

Weston was quite particular which house he went up to for candy.  There were only a few he would get out of the stroller for.

Rohnin had a blast.  She walked the entire 2 hours ( longest we've ever trick or treated).  She didn't want to stop.  We sent dad home early with Weston because he was falling asleep in the stroller.  Haven's feet were killing her but my Rohnin just kept going.

We had a great time and once we got home we prepared for the Great Pumpkin.

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