Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hong Kong October 2013 Trip

One of my most favorite cities in the world.  Hong Kong.
Here is a few pics from my latest journey this past October.
Driving in to the city - I'm still amazed at the construction of these buildings.

Favorite walking areas.  Avenue of the Stars.  Some day I will 
bring the hubby and visit the space museum and museum of art.

Everyone needs a solid gold dinosaur!

Dolphins and my hotel in the back ground - the gold one

 Gateway Mall - beautiful inside

Always a Starbucks

They have these backdrops of the island - you can stand in front of it to take your picture

So you don't get the smoggy view!

Getting down to the street level to go to the mall

 Starbucks at the ferry station… can never go without caffeine when traveling!

Old Clock Tower
 Random crazy floats

This is why I love Hong Kong….the kooky fun stuff

I believe he's excited for cheese wheels

A blow up elephant!

Cute Panda store

 Happiest boat ever

 Avenue of the Stars
 Bruce Lee's star

And statue
Chow Yun Fat!
Jackie Chan!
Jet Li

And again…some crazy random pig.  

 Celebrating the Monarchy of old at the Marine Barracks

1881 Heritage Memorial
Noon guns and cannons at the old Marine Barracks

 The inner workings of the cannons

Marine Barracks now

Marine Barracks now is a very expensive shopping district

Night time

Ready for the night
Beautiful boat parade at night

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