Monday, November 8, 2010


I was very excited this year that Haven chose NOT to wear a princess costume! Hopefully this means we won't have a spongebob birthday cake either!

This year she decided to go as a Rag Doll.......It was such a comfortable costume and it didn't rain!

Haven had decided before we left that she was going to get more candy this year than she has ever had. At the end of 40 minutes of straight walking house to house she had a completely full bucket that she couldn't carry. She looked at me and her grandpa and said "I'm over it....let's go home!"

When we got home we found Deezy:

dressed up in her pumpkin PJs!

Haven separated the candy for the Great Pumpkin to visit and left him some cookies as return the Great Pumpkin traded the candy for $25.00!!!!


  1. Hi, Miss Haven!

    What a fun time you've had with going to the Renaissance Faire, the applefarm and dressing up for Halloween. I loved all the pictures. You made an adorable rag doll and the pic of Deez in her pumpkin pj's was cute, too!

    I hope you have a great rest of the week and a super-duper weekend.

    Bye for now!

    With love & prayers,


  2. Ariel's puppy has the same pajamas and a black one with spiders.