Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Blues

Well this winter has been COLD so we haven't done much. Even had to go out and buy two space heaters for the house. It's so cold the furnace just can't keep up.

Haven started school back up last week. All of her grades were turned in to the school from last semester. She caught up with them very fast and the last two weeks were just review. She's reading Dr. Seuss books to me now and it's awesome.

She and Deez are like best friends now. If Haven sits down the dog is on her lap. Haven is finally getting used to her and loving her like crazy. She does get a bit jealous when Stryder comes over and Deez wants to play with him. She keeps a close eye on her.

Last weekend was Deez's first day of puppy school. She did a great job, however, she is the talkative one in class. All the other puppies sat there quietly....not Deez. She is as opinionated as the rest of us. She also went to the groomer afterwards for a small trim. I was barely able to get a picture with the bow in her hair before she pulled it out. Haven went with her to puppy school and learned a few tricks to teach her.

Grandpa Beard-off and Grandma Sing sent Haven an apple pealer for Christmas and it has been used over and over. She loves it - especially since she won't eat the skin of an apple!
She lives in her hat and jackets. Every time I see her she has a new hat on. Her hair is growing back in fast though. She keeps reminding me that she will be able to wear a ponytail soon.
Ha ha...Make-A-Wish just called...they remembered that Haven told them she'd never had ice cream in her entire life and wanted to know if she was allergic to it or if they could bring some to her. If they only knew how many times I hear that she has been denied something her entire life. The other night she informed me that she has been waiting her entire life to have a baked potato. Awesome!

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