Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oncology day and visiting Dr. Cooper's

Haven had a busy day last Friday. First she went to Oncology for her appointment. This was just to get labs and check up on her progress. She is looking great.

Lost 2 pounds
Grown 1/2 inch

Awesome stuff. Her blood pressure is remaining constant since Hi CY and her personality is amazing. The doctors are so happy with how she has changed. She even read Dr. Suess to her doctor. They can't believe how she has changed - she used to come in and stare at the ground and have a mad look. Now she is in there talking everyone's ear off and playing with the games and kids.

She was surprised with another immune test. She had to get a poke and wasn't happy about that. This is to test her immune system - we won't know anything for about 6 weeks. But it did leave her with a fever on Friday and Saturday.

I was off work early on Friday so it was a perfect to take her to visit her nurses at Dr. Cooper's. She hasn't been there in a long time - way before isolation this summer. We didn't get to see Dr. Cooper but all the girls were there.

Nurse Dana got her a present and she spent about 2 - 3 hours immediately when we got home fashion designing clothes and shoes!

We also took a trip to her school and met the kindergarten teacher there. She has never been in a school and wanted to see what it was like. She got to see the desks and lockers and take a tour of the entire school. She had a lot of fun.

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