Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Puppy School Saturday

Saturday mornings at 10am Haven and I take Deezy to school. She has a 1 hour class each Saturday which helps us in training her to be a good girl.
The first week she learned immediately to sit and lay down....but she is the talker of the class! She has a bit of ADD....this week the guy took her and let her mingle with the other dogs and it really helped. She stopped barking and started paying attention to us.
Miss Deez playing with a Chihuahua...she wouldn't talk much with the big dogs but liked smacking around the little one

Miss Haven...having fun at puppy school
Middle of class we had to switch dogs and rotate to the left every minute. This gets the dog used to be handled by other people. Deezy of course loved it - she loves everyone.

Haven terrified of a 2 pound Chihuahua....I was almost embarrassed!!! What she forgot was to get the treats out of her hands before playing with dogs!

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