Saturday, August 15, 2009

For Haven's Sake - Sunset Time Trial McDowell Park

Last night I drove Kris and Haven down to sleep study at Mt. Washington. This was a slightly different sleep study than previously because Haven had quite a few more wires than normal. They are also monitoring her for seizure activity during her sleep - since this is when her seizures have happened in the past.

Around 10:30 pm she was completely wired up and ready for bed and at about that time the Haven Benefit Ride was taking place in Arizona.

and...WOW....all I can say is TOM IS AMAZING. He has been working hard on this race for Haven and I never ever would've imagined that he could really put on this huge race and event!!! We've already heard some great stories and that the race was amazing.

I have to do a major thank you to TOM, KIM, SARA, and ZACH....they have worked hard to get this going.

Thank you to our very good friend Mike for making the trek from CA to AZ all by himself to help out in the booth and test his skills in the time trial.

ALSO a huge thank you to the companies that joined in and offered prizes and trophies for the race.

When I spoke with Tom last week he said they had received over $4,000 worth of product for the raffle! AMAZING........

We hear the had an absolutely awesome time and through the event Tom learned of two kids out there racing in the event who also have had Neuroblastoma and currently are in remission! SPECIAL CONGRATS TO THE TWO OF YOU!!

Thank you to the below companies!!!

I'm sure once Tom wakes up we'll get some photos of the great time they had out there playing in the desert....oh I wish I was in the desert..........


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