Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thank you to everyone

Haven would like to thank everyone for all her mail! She has received a lot of cards and little gifts and we just want to say how much we appreciate it all.

Grandma and Aunt Candy sent Haven a bunch of great winter clothes. They found some pants and shirts and jackets that actually fit her!!! We're very happy!

Grandma Sing had a garage sale and against all odds made $200 and sent it to Haven. We are happy to announce this is her first deposit in to her new bank account!!!

Aunt Dottie is working with one of her friends to custom make Haven some pants. We sent measurements over and I should receive our first fit proto next week!!!

Laura Mueller sent Haven a create a story book (which she already started), gift card to Michaels, and me a gift card to Starbucks!!

Friends and family have sent Haven lots of love with handmade dolls, a super cute doggy that has his own cage, beads to make necklaces and bracelets, window paints, LOTS of Halloween stuff. It's been awesome. Haven is so happy knowing everyone is thinking of her and loving her.


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