Tuesday, November 25, 2008

From Miss Haven

This was Haven heading to Grandpa B-Honey's house last weekend. Grandma B-Honey finally came home from a 3 month vacation in Korea so I made a big breakfast for everyone!


Haven wants to thank everyone for all of her gifts and cards.

Great Grandma and Candy sent Haven a $25 card to WalMart - which she'll happily get Space Chimps today! :)

Great Grandma Bist sent Haven $50 which is going in to her bank account

Miss Dawn and the girls sent Haven these cool bead things that you create a design with and then iron them! She spents hours on this - absolutely loved it. I'll get photos for you. Thank you

Aunt Dottie's friend is making custom pants for Haven for the winter! We've already started protos. THANK YOU

Shirley Anderson sent Haven a cute puppy that barks. Her name is Rosie! thank you

Baby Stryder brought Haven some "baby" clothes for all her babies. It was a cute Tinkerbell outfit.

Of course, thank you to Dad and Jeannie for making sure Lauren is always here for Haven. She is definitely missing her this week but I guess we have to let Lauren go on holiday! :)

Love to all - look for Haven's very special holiday picture in the mail! She had lots of fun with this one.



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  1. Havey you look great heading to GPA-B's house. You have a great Thanksgiving. I will let G-Gram that you received your gift card. I have no idea what you are buying it is a toy I have not heard of.
    I thing it is fantastic that someone can make you special clothes for winter. G-Gram and I found size 5 jr. tops that seem to fit. Love to all Candy