Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Button

I've received a couple emails about the button to the side ---------->

It is a donate button. It is mainly for anyone that wants to send money directly to Haven and it goes straight to her bank account. She has her own bank account now - that is not linked to ours. Therefore her money does not get mixed with ours and all of her money is used directly for her and only her.

So instead of sending her gift cards or checks you can use that button. If you still prefer to send a check - please make it out in Haven's name. Not our name. This will ensure it does not get mixed with anything we have and goes to her account only.

I used to do Ebay a lot and have a billion things that have been in storage that need sold. But I have had motivation issues until now. As of this weekend I will begin doing Ebay again and all money received from Ebayed items will be deposited directly to Haven's account. The Ebay account is only linked to her and not us.

So if you know anyone looking for a deal on stuff for Christmas they can check her ebay this weekend. I will post a link at that time. 99% of the items are brand new with tags or whatever. It's stuff I have held on to for a LONG LONG time.

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