Saturday, December 14, 2013

IVIG for Dad's Birthday

We were finally able to set up Haven's IVIG at a hospital closer to the house.  We've been driving over an hour every time to get Haven to the hospital.  Now we only have to go 20 minutes.  When we got there this time the trees were decorated for Christmas.  I love being in a place that isn't afraid of Christmas and Christmas trees!

We didn't know Santa would be there or that elves would be present.  But when we got to the hospital there they were.

Haven was so excited to be able to get with Santa one more time.  She kept telling me every time she got with Santa there was something else she would remember that she needed.  

When we got to the hospital Haven's nurse had set up her bed with a little gift bag.   Danielle is super cool and Haven just loves her.

Ohhhh….IVIG….how we do not love thee!

Haven hanging out while we wait for the 6 hour treatment to end and then we get to go home and celebrate dad's birthday.

Happy Birthday Daddy ------ Love your clan

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