Sunday, December 1, 2013

Immunology update

 Just a vital check…heart rate was a bit high but everything else is good to go!

 Accessing the port - we had to do this twice because her port clotted up half way through.

When I got back from Bangladesh I took Haven in to the hospital the next day to get her labs done.  We had a lot of extra labs taken this time for Immunology.  I have been sick since my arrival back home and haven't really been able to connect with the doctor so I do not have the results of the labs.  But I did receive confirmation that she would be transferred to Immunology - which will allow us to do her IVIG treatments on Saturdays instead of during the week.  WHICH IS AWESOME!   When you seen 5 specialists almost monthly it's very hard to continually take off work - especially when some of the treatments are 6 hours long!

I will hopefully be able to connect with Immunology this week and get everything set up and finalized.

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