Sunday, December 1, 2013

Endocrine visit!

Well Miss Haven has been on the growth hormone shots for about 2 months now.  We went in to meet with Endocrine the week before Thanksgiving.  This was to make sure Haven was responding the medicines and if she was having any reactions.  

I was most concerned that she had gained 2 pounds but then again I wasn't sure if it was the medicine or not.  So they took all her numbers and vitals and then we reviewed.

Since her last visit to Endo in July Haven has gained 2.2 pounds.  Keep in mind Haven hasn't grown even an 1/8th of inch in two years.  She just stopped completely.  No hormone to do it.  Also affects teeth and muscle mass.  Since starting the medication in October Haven has grown 1 complete inch!!!!!


Not only has she grown an inch in 2 months but her weight percentile has gone from 87% to 85%.  Even though she has gained 2 pounds she has gone down in percent.  Doctor informed me that Haven has no muscle and this will help her with that - which also adds weight but not fat!  :)  I'm so happy.

This definitely makes taking the medicine worth it.  Since Haven is responding so well they increased her dose and now we will see the doctor on May 1st for another review of where she is.  I have already bought her new clothes because her old pants are about 3 inches above her ankles and look a bit funny.  

Next up is Pulmonary and a sleep study on December 21 - we're a bit concerned here but hopefully we'll get some good info at the study.  And she has her IVIG coming up on one of these Saturday's in December.  

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