Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nurse Patel ----- 2009 and 2013

As Reagann was getting ready to enter in to isolation at Hopkins I told her about a wonderful nurse Haven had in 2009 during her isolation stay.  This is Nurse Patel.  She was amazing and we truly loved her with Haven.  She even dealt with Haven's crazy sleep.  Well I received a photo from Reagann today and I thought I would share.

This is Haven in 2009 and Reagann in 2013.  We are so happy she got to meet Nurse Patel.  We are sure that Reagann will be well taken care of.  Patel has stayed in our hearts and minds for many years. 

She should be nominated as best nurse at Hopkins! 

Reagann is on her 3rd of 4 doses of chemo and has started to lose her hair.  She was able to join in a part at the hospital and she donated her hair to Locks of Love.

Amazing Reagann....we can't wait to see more photos!

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