Thursday, January 13, 2011

ROHHAD on Mystery Diagnosis

If you missed the show last night you can watch it on the internet by clicking the picture above!!!!

EDIT: ok - so they are only giving you 4 minutes.....I'm sure it will be on again


  1. I'm hoping there will be some way to see it.So funny the way her hair went from blonde and straight to dark and curly.

  2. Glad you caught that it was on too! I look occasionally. I noticed Wednesday on OWN is MD day. But they NEVER show your episode! Until this past week! I'll keep my eye open and if I see it again, I'll email you! Hope you all are doing well. I was just going through our blog and found a comment you had left in February! Sorry we missed it:( We too were so happy to meet you all, hoping the re-run of that episode reaches more people!