Friday, January 28, 2011

Early Birthday

With all the snow we've had this week our plans were ruined for a birthday for Miss Haven. She wanted to go to the movies and dinner and had this whole big plan. Her backup plan was to go to Bob Evan's (one of her favorite places) and get a free birthday meal. Which is funny because I believe all her meals are free - she's never paid for them!

So we had about a 1 hour break in the major snow and took her there with her present. She wanted to open it at Bob Evans....why? We don't know - we just go along with what she wants.

Since it was a special day I told her she could pick out a desert and we would actually let her eat some of it! :) I thought she'd pick the apple pie or chocolate cake but no she really wanted the cherry bread loaf. So the ladies brought it to her with a candle in the center - she also got cherry hot chocolate.

We got home in time for more snow to hit and for Haven to have a lazy day on the couch with Deezy and her birthday gift. Now we don't have to argue over computers in the house....she has her own. Of course she had to immediately tell her Grandparents in Utah and within a couple of hours they were skyping. She loves it.

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