Monday, January 10, 2011

Hopkins Children’s Caring for Kids

Well....Haven came to me the other night and asked me how we could help other kids that are sick like her at the hospital. I've tried to do the Foundation stuff and raise money that way but lawyers are needed and they like to be paid.

Suddenly this came across my email - Johns Hopkins Caring for Kids Fundraising. You create a page with Johns Hopkins and all donations go to helping the Children's Center at Hopkins. AMAZING!!! Then Haven asks me "What can $1.00 buy me?" Well my natural response was "nothing".....but wait a minute

So we signed up and our goal is to raise $500......really that's nothing! Haven has thousands of fans out there....all we need is for at least 500 of you to donate $1.00!!! I'm not asking for hundreds of dollars....just $1!

So what can $1.00 buy you - probably nothing.....but what can $1.00 from each of you do to help a child suffering from a life threatening illness's MAGIC!!

The donations to Hopkins Children Center are donations so YES you can write them off your taxes. A receipt will be emailed that will include your confirmation of donation and donation amount.

Below is what our donation page looks like. If you click on the picture it will take you to the donation link. All you need to do is click "SUPPORT ME" and it will take you to the form to donate.

We really hope all of you will join us in our fundraising goal for Johns Hopkins Children's Center.

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