Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mystery Diagnosis and Hopkins Children's Caring for Kids Fundraising

Tonight is the night!!!! Haven's episode of Mystery Diagnosis will air at 8pm find out what channel it's on in your area please look at the OWN web site and type in your zip code!

Well we're inching up to our goal!!!! Help us help Hopkins reach their goal of $20,000!!! Click the above picture to donate!!!!


  1. Wow, Great show! Haven was adorable, I got a little teary at her interview.... So honored to have been a small part of your story... Congratulations, Laura and "Bumble".

  2. I know I saw four segments of this parts 3&4 I cannot find. Great show; most of this info I already knew about being a family member. I became a little emotional with Misty emotion. It was a great show and hope it will help other families dealing with the same thing. Haven you were great and a real trooper.
    Aunt Candy