Friday, August 27, 2010

Ready for School......

Miss Haven went to see her doctors on Monday - had to get one more boost of chemo before starting school. She did great accessing her port and doing her labs.

She slept through most of the dose. Which is good because it's such a long day when she has treatments. They finished around 5pm and I called to see if they wanted to meet and eat somewhere but Miss Haven said she was too tired.

Was a good thing too - both she and I got home and slept until later that evening. :)

Thursday was back to school night. We got to meet Haven's 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Petz. She really likes her teacher's name and said she was really nice. I think Haven likes her desk and purple pencil holder as well. We got to see some of the books they would be working in this year and learn about how the homework will work. Haven is very excited for school to start on Monday.

Haven has really pushed to go full days this year. We talked to the Principal last night and she agreed that Haven can try the full days and see how it goes. I think she is going to have a blast this year. Plus she really wants to be able to be part of the art and music classes.

We have declared tonight a party night - one last movie fest before school starts. So Miss Haven is counting down......

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  1. Hi, Miss Haven!

    The picture of you at your desk on Back to School night is wonderful. You look as if you are studying very hard! I hope you have a great time Monday. Please ask your mom to post what you did on your first day of the first grade.

    Bye for now!

    With love & prayers,