Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Home from camp

Well you can see her in the back....waiting. This was the arrival of Miss Haven back to our arms.

She had an amazing time and absolutely loved it. She told us about all the crafts and different foods from each country they celebrated. We heard all about the dance - and yes Haven said she did dance a bit because her nurses were at the dance.

Then we heard about how the boys pranked them and toilet papered their cabin. She thought that was hilarious....but the girls did get the boys back.

Haven's favorite thing - SMORES! And I believe it too --- not kidding --- my daughter came back 5lbs heavier than when she left. Yes a ROHHAD child can gain weight just looking at I can't imagine how many smores she ate. The counselor even said all she talked about in her sleep was smores. So we are back to her diet and getting out and about!

As the end of summer draws near I have decided to go to Ohio with my dad this weekend. Miss Haven will make the journey with us. We should have a nice low-key weekend as long as my dad follows my schedule and doesn't try to slow us down! :) Oh and antique shopping.....I have to make sure he gets to the antique place off the 70 in Ohio....I figure I let him go in and I can nap in the car! :)

We'll share some photos from our Ohio trip --- if you're on FB with Haven and I you will probably see them before anyone else. OH and Haven wants me to tell everyone - if you play Farmville or Frontierville - can you please be her neighbor??? to all....and to everyone in Ohio --- see you soon! Pennsylvania turn-pike here we come....uuuuggggg


  1. Haven - you look so happy getting off the bus. I guess that big smile means you had a great time at camp and are happy to be home. Since I started watching your website I have seen you grow up so much. You are a real special girl and I love reading about you.

    Your Florida Friend

  2. Hi, Miss Haven!

    Camp seems to have been a fun time for you. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. I pray that you, your mom and your grandpa will have a safe trip to Ohio and back.

    Still remembering you and your family in prayer.

    With prayer, love & big bear hugs,