Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Missing my baby!!!

Well.....I'm missing my baby.

I called the camp twice yesterday and talked to the director both times.

Miss Haven is having a blast!! Probably not missing us much...well maybe she's missing Deezy. But they said she slept well - only a little talking and yelling - had a great time at breakfast. She also has a friend from clinic in her cabin. So they were playing together and signed up for crafts.

I'm very happy she is having such a great time and that this camp even exists! Thanks to Hopkins for making this type of camp possible for kids with cancer. We are more comfortable with letting her go to this camp because it is run by her doctors and nurses and child life specialists. The nurses are there every day and the child life specialists that have helped us through everything. Doctors go out to check on the kids and visit. Most of the kids have to bring extra luggage just for their medications and many get their chemo treatments while at the camp. We are happy Haven is not on chemo anymore and can just enjoy hanging out with all the kids!

We are looking forward to seeing her bus pull up on Saturday and giving her a big hug that we're sure will embarrass her in front of her friends! :)

I have not been able to actually talk to Haven yet but we are 2 nights down.....with 4 more nights to go!

Mom landed in Korea safe and sound - her friend Minnie went with her. So I'm sure they are having a great time too....can't believe they left at the same time!

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  1. I can't wait to hear about Haven's trip to camp! I just know she had a good time. It's so good to see these wonderful posts.