Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oncology appt

Miss Haven has been doing so well lately and absolutely loving school. It almost feels like what a normal life should. I never would've thought a year ago we'd be on no medication and in school. She is still on her 2 hour a day schedule and will finish the year with that. Her graduation is coming up so we're excited about that. Gma and Gpa B-Honey are going to come and watch her get her awards.

She has a big day at Oncology tomorrow. She is expecting to only do labs - which is an easy day for her. She actually hooks the vials up to her tube in her chest and switches them out. The nurse just watches over her.

We're really expecting to see her weight drop. I am very hopeful. She has been walking to and from school every day since starting. She is playing at recess now and really loves her computer class. If she is good all week she gets to go to the school bookstore and buy a new book. I even got a demanding phone call that I HAD to take a day off of work to read 10 books with Haven. I'm not a reading taking a day off work to read 10 books is worse than working over time! :) That's Dad's job!

It has been so extremely hot lately that we had to shave Deezy down She just overheats so fast. But Miss Deezy is doing great too. Haven is trying to teach her how to speak English. It's not going very well. I get a daily phone call from Haven with Deezy's progress.

Deezy has been doing a great job of guarding the house. She has saved us from the raccoon twice now. However, she does get upset with Haven and even tried to attack her during a sleep walking episode. She gets very upset about Haven yelling and screaming from her bedroom.

The picture above is her favorite spot. We have to leave the chair there so Deezy can look out the window and let us know when people are too close to the house.

Haven has pretty much taken over my facebook account. she loves all the games on there and is currently building her islands in Treasure Isle. So if you're getting fruit requests...blame Haven! :) She is a computer hog! :)

Will update everyone with Haven's numbers as soon as I have them.

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  1. Dear Misty,

    What wonderful news that Haven continues to do so well. I pray that her oncology visit will bring even more good news.

    Please tell her I said hello and that I hope she enjoys her graduation. I went to see my grandson, Lane, graduate from kindergarten yesterday.

    Still saying a prayer for Haven and family.

    With caring prayers,