Thursday, May 20, 2010

Having fun

We had a great weekend with Stryder and Aunt Katie. We haven't seen them since Easter so it was good to get out there and play. Stryder LOVES it was pretty much "Soccer Time" all weekend. Even Grandma and Haven got out there to kick some balls around.

This little boy is crazy about Soccer.....

Haven and I always do a girl's day on Sunday and go out for breakfast. We were happy to have Stryder, Katie, Gma, and Gpa along this time! We had our yummy cinnamon pancakes.

Deezy not letting me take Haven away for the day. We usually spend a few ours out at the stores and Haven gets her nails done. Deezy wasn't going to have it. Of course Haven won't leave Deezy if she's sad.

Haven is doing great. I can't believe this time last year we were preparing for 3 surgeries and a heave dose of chemo and locked up in isolation. Such a change in my girl. It's amazing to see how far she has come and how well she is adjusting to what could hopefully become a "normal" life!

She also has another loose that tooth fairy has been alerted and is waiting. Haven wants me to buy some more corn on the cob since this is what knocked out the other tooth! Funny the dentist said she wouldn't lose any before age 7 due to all the chemo...but they just keep popping out!

Next appointment is on May 28th. She will go in and get all her lab work done and see Oncology. Not sure if they will surprise her with another round of immune testing. But we're excited to see if she has lost any weight or grown. I haven't let myself put her on the scale at home since I am very hopeful to see some good numbers!

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