Friday, October 9, 2009

Princess Haven

She was very happy to be able to bring the gowns that "aunt" Emmy made
for her on this hospital trip. It's hard to find gowns that fit her.

We also brought our own cleaning supplies and food. To ensure we do not
have a C. Diff issue this go around. While Kris took Haven to the
playroom to pick out books and movies I scrubbed down the entire room.

She was allowed to bring her babies with her this time and she received
some new Kangaroos from her friends in Australia just in time! Thank
you Karen and the whole gang!



  1. What a beautiful young princess!! Haven's gown is adorable! -what a nice friend you have to make them for her!!
    So many prayers and good wishes to Haven, Kris, and You!! xoxoxoxo
    Love to all of you, Aunt Dottie

  2. Hi, Princess Haven!

    What wonderful news that you were able to bring your new kangaroos with you. I'm sending you some big hugs ((((((BIG HUGS)))))).

    Bye for now,