Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sleep Study

My baby girl waiting to go in to her sleep study room. She was already on the verge of cranky and it was past bedtime before they brought her in to wire her up.

Haven does not like change.....she gets upset if it's a different nurse in Oncology, she gets upset if blood isn't drawn the same way every time and she got very upset that a girl wasn't doing her sleep study. Then he made her get in the chair instead of letting her lay down while he put the wires on. She was not happy and I had to keep warning her to keep her comments to herself. She just really didn't want to do the study last night.

Here she is almost all wired up. They added a few new things to the study. The disc on her throat is for snoring - we've never had that before.

Here is my girl around 10:30pm. Took over an hour to wire her up and she was quick to get the dark circles around her eyes. When they start turning red I know we need to get to bed quick.

Here we are at 5:30am.....even after a sleep with wires she still tries to smile for the pictures.

I'm gonna guess this sleep study was worthless. The tech said it was very uneventful and dad said it was the best sleep she's had in months. So either I need to put wires on her every night or I have to continue to video tape her sleep to prove I'm not a crazy mom. Well I'm crazy but she's still sleeping walking and going crazy every night! The dog won't even go down the hall after she goes to bed because Haven freaks her out. Then the tech kept coming in every time she'd start to fall asleep or start snoring.

Anyway, even if she didn't do the sleep walking hopefully we know what her CO2 is at.

Tomorrow we will leave around 5:30am to head to Hopkins for her MRI. We let Haven have a desert tonight for doing TOO well at sleep study and because she can't eat tomorrow until around 2pm after MRI.

Any results we'll let every one know!

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