Monday, March 8, 2010


Haven did great at MRI today!

We were very happy because Dr. Greenberg was her anesthesiologist - he's done a few of her surgeries and knows her very well. They were having a party in there telling jokes and even singing.....another great change to our baby!

Haven told the doctor that she takes a 1" needle in her port and that she would need the mask first but that she's wasn't little anymore so she didn't need to make it smell good. She took her jacket and shoes off and placed them at the foot of the bed. Informed the doctor that she had to be laying down before the meds were given - requested a blanket and off she went.

She came through without any breathing issues and was out of recovery in 30 minutes! Our quickest yet. Her throat was really sore from the tube being down it so as promised -she got to share a green milkshake from McD's with dad!

She did awesome!

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  1. Hi, Miss Haven!

    What a very smart young lady you are to be able to tell the doctors what you need and what you like and dislike.

    I love the photo of you drinking the milkshake--it makes me want to go to McDonald's and get me one! You look so pretty and happy in the photo. I love your new hair style!

    I hope you and your parents have a good week and get to do some fun activities.

    Still remembering each of you in prayer.

    Bye for now!

    Sending love, big hugs and prayers,