Thursday, September 10, 2009

Habitat for Humanity

So....after 2 weeks of night and day work with my dad to finish painting his house and laying hard wood floors we are close to finished. My dad and I have been working on the weekends from 9am until dad worked one night until almost 1am. I snapped photos instead of working! Photos of mom and dad's house soon......
So since I'm a pro at fixing other people's houses I volunteered with a bunch of the girls from work for Habitat for Humanity. We headed out yesterday to Baltimore and met up with the HFH people. We started working around 9am and ended around 4pm. I believe there were 12 of us in the house. We painted ALL DAY - the house is 3 stories (not including basement) and 5 bedrooms!

Here are some great photos of the day.

Emily before really getting in to the painting process......I can tell because she isn't covered in paint yet!

Amanda hitting the walls on the 2nd floor

Kelly and Heather tackling the 3rd floor bedroom closet! These were our ceiling people!
Another ceiling....Heather was punished all day with high ceilings. Do you even know how many ceilings are in a 3 story house!!!!! LOTS AND LOTS

Moving a wall......this was interesting...

The final touches! Anne and Heather give our work two big thumbs up!! Way to go girls!

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