Sunday, September 13, 2009

Flu Shot!!!

I have NEVER had a flu shot in my life that I remember as an adult....but I got one on Friday while at the doctor.

As required by our Oncologist: ANYONE around Haven is required to have the flu shot or they can not be around her. This includes us and grandparents and any other family members. It can not be the nasal mist - it must be the actual shot. Since she can not get the shot we are required.

Well IT HURTS! I couldn't use my right arm until today. AND in October we have to go back to get the H1N1 shot....uuuugggg.....I'm so not a fan of needles.

So just a note if you plan to see Haven you will be required to get the flu shot first and the H1N1 shot in October.

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