Thursday, September 10, 2009

A few concerns

Well Miss Haven is pretty well.....we've been monitoring her blood pressure a lot lately as she has started her sweating issues again. This has been slowly getting worse each week. She is back to sitting on the couch in air condition pouring sweat. She doesn't have to do anything to start sweating. She'll wake up at night completely soaked in sweat. So after voicing our concerns to random doctors at Oncology and getting no where with it I am very happy to say that tomorrow her normal doctor is back from Isreal. It was a lot of work with the clinic for us to get in to see him tomorrow but after a few phone calls we will be there at 8:30 am.

She is also having some eating issues and extreme sleep walking issues that will be discussed. I also don't know if any of the nurses followed up on Pulmonary. So I will ask about that. Her Orthopedic appointment is next Tuesday.

Hopefully we will have some updates tomorrow but our major concern is her blood pressure right now.


  1. Mist; is Havey going backwards? I hope not.
    You know I have been having extreme sweating issures it has been going on for three years so I finally had the doctor change one of my medications and now the sweating seems to getting under control. I can relate to Havey it is absolutely awful to have to sit in front of a fan all the time and not be able to sleep due to heat.
    On another issue I will taking cats tomorrow for their surgery; the munchkin cat sits on the computer table watching what I do she is very interested:) I said the other day she will most likely be sending email.

  2. Hello, Misty,

    Praying that answers can be found to help Haven with all her medical issues. Please say hello to her from me and give her lots of big hugs from me, also.

    Way to go on your work with Habitat for Humanity. I know you'll be blessed for it.

    Still praying for Haven and family.

    With caring prayers,