Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Up coming surgery

Haven's surgery is coming up on Monday.  We don't find out what time until Friday.  I'm hoping it's mid morning to give us time to get the babies to daycare.  I spoke to her doctor today about the surgery.  He wants to get another chest X-ray just to make sure the pneumonia is gone.  She will also be admitted to the hospital on the first night to be monitored.  We'll have to bring her c-pap machine with us.  

I am a little worried about the c-pap usage after the surgery.  She is now at a level 14 pressure and that's a lot on newly cutout tonsils and adenoids.  This could cause her more bleeding that the usual person has.  So I'm happy they will keep her.

We will update everyone once we are out of surgery.  This weekend Haven is going to enjoy going to see Mr. Peabody with her dad.  I took her to see The Lego Movie last weekend.  

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  1. Keeping you in prayer, Haven.

    With love & prayers,