Sunday, September 8, 2013

Endocrine Growth Hormone Testing

 Well we have been waiting a very very long time to do this test....I'd say about two years now!

We finally met with our newest Endocrine doctor and had all of our lab work done and of course Haven's Growth Hormone was extremely low.  We all know that.  So then we talked again and it was decided that Haven would do the Stim Test.  So this was set up for August 30th.  Perfect timing because Grandma and Grandpa would be visiting and could watch the babies while we were at the hospital with Haven.

 The test is a 6 1/2 hour.  She was not allowed to eat or drink after midnight until the test was over at 1pm the next day.  They give her a thirty minute continuous drip of Arginine and Glucagon.  Then every 30 minutes they took a vile of blood until the test was done.  They checked her blood pressure constantly and then at the end checked her blood glucose level.

By noon she was ghost white with dark brown sunken eyes.  She could barely stand to go to the bathroom.  I was getting very worried about her and she still couldn't eat or drink for more than another hour.  She was hold in there very well with a smile.

At 1:30 she was finally able to flush her port and her blood glucose came back at 63 - she had to be at least a 60 to leave the hospital.  We were very happy to be able to take her home with us.  

She was amazing.  She has always done these tests better than anyone can imagine.  I don't know if I could do them as well as she does without having a temper issue!  So for being so amazing I let her break her diet that she follows so meticulously.  She ordered a hawaiian pizza, fruit salad, M&M milkshake, green beans, and a fruit drink!

We are still waiting on the results.  It's been 9 days.......

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