Friday, April 1, 2011

Miss Haven....doing great!

Well we've been laying low for a while now....sorry. I've just been tired and working and Haven has been doing awesome. She is amazingly reading chapter books now and we bought her a Diary of a Wimpy Kid far she is doing great reading it and loves it. So she is looking at other chapter books and picked up Silverlicious at the school book fair. I never knew I'd have a kid that loves to read so much....considering I'll wait for the Silverlicious movie before reading the book. She gets that from her dad!

She got a cute package from her friend Shirley - which had a cute little kitten in it. As you can see above.

Haven had IVIG on Monday. We are excited to report that her counts are AWESOME!!!! She was having to go in every 6 weeks since they dropped in November. This time she had her labs done before treatment and they came back all normal. So her next treatment was pushed out until 8 weeks instead of 6 weeks. She will still need to go in every 4 weeks to have her port flushed but at least we're starting to move the treatments out.

We are currently setting up an appointment with Kennedy Krieger Institute to have her evaluated. She hasn't been there in about a year.

She is also set to go in to Endocrine on April 11 for her check up. My concern here is growth but as long as she is still growing - even if it's at 5% - they will not put her on growth hormones.

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  1. Hi, Haven!

    It's wonderful to know that you're doing great. I'm so glad that you are.

    I hope you continue to enjoy to read. Books are wonderful, can teach you so many things and take your mind to so many fun places.

    I hope you and your family have a great rest of the weekend.

    With love & prayers,