Thursday, December 2, 2010

IVIG needed

Miss Haven was in Oncology on November 15th and did her labs and had a full check up with her doctor and we were told that they wanted to see what her body was doing and that they would like for her to go until January 3rd before receiving her next treatment. Which sounded great to us.

Then the next day Haven started with a horrible cough which I had no idea what to do. She has never been sick and this was her first cough. Believe it or not - everything we have all been through with tumors, cancer, chemo, ROHHAD - I had no idea what to do now. We made her tea every night with honey, I would wake her up around 2am and give her another spoon of honey, and then more tea in the morning. We don't really like to give her medication when we don't have to.

That seemed to help for about 3 days then it started getting worse. So I bought every child's cough medicine they make and 4 different types of cough drops....nothing helped!

Then I got a call from Oncology that Haven's IgG level was too low and she needed to come in for IVIG. Which seemed to make sense to me - she's never been sick and no cough - 14 weeks without IVIG and now she's coughing - so she went in yesterday for her treatment.

I believe she read for about 3 hours - every book she could find. Then the hospital has bingo on the TV every Wednesday. So she played and WON! She decided she wanted the drawing desk and she had to leave before it was delivered so the nurses are holding it for her to pick up.

She still has the blisters on her face from the tape - we use Benadryl lotion every evening for that. Tomorrow will be a week since she had the study - can't believe how long these are staying this time. They usually go away after a couple of days.

Haven was asleep by 6pm last night and off to school this morning. Hopefully without falling asleep in class!

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  1. Hi, Miss Haven!

    What a wonderful prize you won at bingo! I know you'll enjoy it very much.

    Praying for a good night for you and a great rest of the week.

    Still keeping you and your family in prayer.

    With prayers, love & big bear hugs,