Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Gifts for Haven

If you've seen Pinkalicious.....she MUST HAVE pretty much all I hear. There are a million of them and she even has her own gang of Goldilicious and Purplicious.

It's much easier this way - since I can reach all family members instead of separate emails and texts! :)

I have an odd 6 year old - she doesn't want any toys. There really isn't a single toy on her wish list except for the toys for Deezy!

Haven's top list is her Barnes and Noble wish list. She LOVES to read....we call her Matilda if you've ever seen that movie! So here are some books straight from her BN wish list:

There are science kits that she loves and wants:

She does want lots of clothes but I feel this is a task best left to mom as no one would ever figure out her size and needs. :)

Hopefully this helps!

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