Friday, October 8, 2010

Locking up the doors and hiding!!!

That is the plan for this weekend!!! Oh and I'm going to play Xbox like crazy!

After our insanely crazy week last week we have decided this weekend would be better if we just locked ourselves away and emerge refreshed on Monday!

We had grandparents out for the week and it was perfect timing! We were busy doing something out of the ordinary with some fabulous people and grandma/grandpa were taking care of Haven, dinners, house, and Deezy.


Yes this is a very important thank you - I believe she did 22 loads of laundry while here. I never thought the mountains of laundry would get done. Then I found clothes that I've never seen before! Even wearing a shirt today that I never knew I had! A few pieces in the laundry still had tags on them. If you don't think I had 22 loads of laundry you should've seen it! This is my punishment for working for apparel companies for a million years!

But not only did she do laundry --- she cleaned the house top to bottom which was a huge help considering I think we were only home one day while they were here! Luckily they got to spend a lot of time with Haven. They were able to take her to school and pick her up - she loved it. I think she made grandpa read for 3 hours a night not including the crafts and workbooks. He didn't know he was going to be going to school again when he saw her!

Then with our extra stuff we had to do the Element decided it wanted to see what a deer looks like up close. :) Everyone in the car was fine...a little sore and mentally wrecked but the car is now living in a shop waiting for an estimate of damage. I have watched carefully for deer on the 40 since....but have not seen anything.

This weekend I have a few projects to finish up ---- one of them being an update on all our ROHHAD children from around the world. Stay tuned.....there are new kids for you to read and learn about!

Love to all

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  1. grandma says hi; hope you enjoy staying inside all weekend.