Monday, October 4, 2010

6 Week Oncology Visit

Miss Haven had her 6 week visit to Oncology today. She did as awesome as she always has.

So far Miss Haven is holding steady. It's been 15 months since our last huge chemo treatment and 11 months since we were in isolation and my baby girl is doing AMAZING! Everything that reversed after the chemo is still holding steady....we've seen nothing revert back. She isn't even wandering the house in her sleep anymore...she still screams and yells but hasn't walked the house in 4 months.

She also didn't need her IVIG boost today --- so they will recheck her on November 13th!

Next up Endocrine appointment!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Misty,

    Thank your for sharing the wonderful news about Miss Haven! I'm so glad that she is doing so well. Praying that she'll be a "miracle child" to the medical world.

    Please tell Miss Haven that I said hello and that I hope she has a great rest of the week and that she has plans for a super duper weekend.

    Still keeping Haven and family in prayer.

    With caring prayers,