Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday painting!!!

Miss Haven wanted to repaint her room and get it all pretty before visitors start coming to see her. So we picked out some paint at Home Depot and dedicated our Saturday to doing her room. First thing to do was to get rid of the dark purple on the wall. This took 3 coats of KILZ - which they have in NO VOC! So I was super happy. AND the paint we got for her room is Martha Stewart Living which is LOW VOC! Again another plus! Especially considering the premium Behr paint has a huge warning: known to cause cancer! Great!!!!

Our plan was to white out the purple and change it to pink...then the wall with the photos on it change to green.......well...

After 3 coats of white we were able to start the pink. The fun stuff because painting white isn't fun!

After about all day and finishing one wall with pink we decided to head out to my favorite place for dinner - Red Robin!

You will have to check back next weekend when we finish the room.....because it's the last weekend before it gets crazy around here! :)

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