Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring time

Haven has destroyed my sleep for the past 4 weeks and the last week was the worst. I probably averaged 3 hours a night and then off to work in the morning! Some reason we've had a lot of sleep walking this week. Must be the I haven't been able to update until today. I'm finally caught up on sleep - here are a few photos from last weekend....our first warm weekend! :)

Miss Haven bought some bowls from Deezy. So she painted them up to give her a custom made dish.

Stryder came to visit last weekend. This was the first time I've gotten Haven out to play and kick a ball. It was a little difficult to get her to do it but after a bit of convincing she was out there kicking and throwing the balls. Stryder had his own game going --- he became a soccer monster! :)

Here they are running around with Grandpa. Deezy has a blast chasing everyone around the yards.

So cute...I love seeing them all out playing.

Aunt Katie and Haven working on their eggs. These two had a blast coloring eggs.....Stryder did one egg and decided it was soccer time again.

Adding the finishing touches to her eggs.

Finally able to get outside and work on her pottery that Aunt Katie and Stryder got her for Christmas. Now to see what we can get in to today.......

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  1. Hi, Miss Haven!

    What wonderful photos of you, Deez and your other family members! I hope you and your family had a happy Easter and that you'll get to do lots of fun things since the weather is getting warmer.

    Still keeping you and your family in prayer.

    Bye for now,