Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bone Age Scan

Today Haven went to Endocrine - which was great because we haven't had an Endo doctor in a few months since her last one retired.  We went through all of her lab results and discussed the tumor in the stomach and her upcoming meeting with Orthopedics for her spine.

All of her labs look great. iGg is at 722 and her diabetes test came back no where near having diabetes.

With that we had to do a bone age X-ray to assess her bone age vs. physical age.  I just received the phone call from her doctor and Haven is 11 1/2 years old but her bones are aged 12 1/2 years old.  Not too bad.  He stated at most she will probably be 5 feet tall and hopefully push to 5' 2".  Nothing near daddy's height but closer to mom.

Next up will be a day at IVIG before we head in to any more doctor appointments.

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