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1.  Cancer remains the number one disease killer of children; more than genetic anomalies, cystic fibrosis, and AIDS combined. 

In 2006 approximately 9,500 new cases of pediatric cancer occurred in children between the ages of infancy through 15.  

 In the United States in 2007, approximately 10,400 children under age 15 were diagnosed with cancer and about 1,545 children will die from the disease. Although this makes cancer the leading cause of death by disease among U.S. children 1 to 14 years of age, IT IS RARE.  

My daughter is part of the 2007 statistic!!!!

2.  The causes of childhood cancers are largely unknown.

3.  One person out of every 330 will develop cancer before age 20!

4.  Each day, 46 children are diagnosed with cancer. 

5.   35% of children cancer patients will die
6.  On the average, 1 in every 4 elementary school has a child with cancer. The average high school has two students who are a current or former cancer patient.
7.  This year, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a cancer of the white blood cells, will be diagnosed in about 3,000 U.S. children, making it the most common pediatric cancer.

8.  Cure rates for some pediatric cancers remain below 50 percent.

9.  The 10 most common types of childhood cancer are as follows:
  • Leukemia (acute lymphoblastic leukemia and acute myeloid leukemia)
  • CNS, brain, and spinal cord tumors
  • Lymphomas, (including Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma)
  • Skin cancer and melanomas
  • Soft tissue tumors (including rhabdomyosarcoma)
  • Germ cell tumors
  • Neuroblastoma
  • Bone cancers (including osteosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma)
  • Renal cancer (including Wilms tumor)
  • Retinoblastoma

10.  Neuroblastoma Cancer has a 69% survival rate at 5 years!!!!!!

 Beginning treatment and seven surgeries

 Three weeks after high dose treatment
Two months after high dose treatment

 Three months after high dose treatment
Five months after high dose treatment
Haven's Make A Wish Party

Two years and two months later.....still receiving treatment

We reserve September to Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and hope you share our message with your neighbor!  All our love......

To our many friends we have met on Facebook....We share your pains as your children go through treatment.  Know that we are with you and understand completely what it is like to have a child with cancer and you have no control.  As a parent your job is to keep your child safe and to protect them....yet you are forced to give them chemicals.

Love to all of you

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