Sunday, February 27, 2011

Haven meets Sophia.......

Sophia was diagnosed shortly after Haven received her official diagnosis - although Haven's doctors were secretly figuring it out a year before! Finally almost 2 years later the girls get to meet! Thank you to Maureen for traveling down from Massachusetts.

We went out to dinner on Friday night - above is Mackenzie, Sophia, and Miss Haven! This picture definitely showed me how small my girl is - She is a year older than Sophia and about a foot shorter!

Mackenzie made Haven a beautiful note and they brought her way too many presents!!!

The next day they came over and enjoyed a day of Wii!

Hanging out at Haven's grandparent's house for the day!

Double sided hug.....Not sure Haven knew what to make the girls! :) They love to hug....

Trying hard to get my girl to goof around.....Sophia and Mackenzie are PROS!!!!! :)

Love it!!!

The girls had an awesome time and we really enjoyed them coming down for the weekend. Can't wait for the next visit this summer.....maybe I can even get up there some time!!! Love you guys - great visit!!!

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